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Singing into your body

A soulful and personal approach to hearing our voice and feeling healing sound vibration within ourselves and others.

Singing into your body

Singing into the body, pioneered by Ray Johnny, is a technique of listening and observation leading to internal dialouge. The benefits of self help, healing, and deep profound understanding of the self are some of the benefits experienced with this Sound and Tonal work. He has been singing into others for over 30 years, He also has been teaching this magical and deeply personal method of understanding and self healing to others. Calling up penetrating and loving sounds and words Ray has helped others to experience their own truth on a deep psychic level, a healing level where we can feel, hear, and talk with our soulful self, the very essence of who we are.

The use of sound in our everyday lives can ba a revealing and healing experience. Often a new and fresh sensation and understanding is felt whether alone or sharing with another. After over 30 years of using singing into others as well as himself, Ray still has that magical moment of new and revealing sensations and sound. Intrigued by aboriginal tones and chants, both in song and ceremony, Ray continue to explore the tonal properties of our being. Incorporating aboriginal sound, harmonics and overtones in workshop and one to one settings, individuals explore their own tonal sound experience. With gentle guidance and listening participants touch and and stir their emotional, creative, ancestral voices. Harmonic vibration often leads to a clear and honest understanding of ones self in relationship to others. the earth, to the universe.

Our divine intelligence is stimulated to the front by the vibrational influential qualities of the sounds around us. whether it be music, chanting, a voice, singing or the unparalleled magic of natures music and sounds. Toning and sound work complements meditation, breath work, hypnosis, contemplation, massage bodywork, Reiki, and many other healing, helping disciplines.

Many things touch our divine nature, revealing our soulful calling. We are unique individuals, so naturally what creates movement within us is different and unique to each of us. Sound vibration, singing into ourselves is a beautiful and heartfelt experience that is personal and sacred.

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