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A soulful and personal approach to hearing our voice and feeling healing sound vibration within ourselves and others.

Singing into your body


Tonal sounds
Music, and drama
Walkingdream offers unique
Performances that seek to touch
And open the hearts of the listening
Come and dream

Ray Johnny has a unique and diverse entertainment background. Poet, musician, playwright, and actor, Ray also has been an innovator and leader in the use of music and sound with chronically and terminally ill patients at a major medical center in the United States. There, he founded and directed a program that used music, aboriginal tonal sounds, and sound vibration, helping all who asked to find comfort and self healing through the sound of their own voices.

" I have heard tones and music from within since childhood, especially aboriginal tones and their vibrational qualities. I embrace Walking Dream as an opportunity to bring these two powerful influences together with poetry and offer them in performance to audiences."

Ray Johnny

Rays passion for acting in film and on stage has been with him since childhood, when he wrote and performed in stage productions much in the old Hollywood idiom of "Hey, lets put on a show". He continues today with the same childlike enthusiasm and dedication. Ray Johnny is versatile, creative, bringing freshness and dignity to the many different roles he is creates.

Performance venues

Healing Center-Calgary, Alberta
Actors Theater-Santa Cruz, California
Upstairs Garage Showroom-Vancouver Island
Rio Theater-Santa Cruz
Trane-Toronto, Ontario
Spiral Cafe-Victoria,BC
Mellow Cafe-Cowichan Bay,BC
In studio with Blake Parker and Tom Joyner,Nelson,BC
Thought Cafe,Calgary
Acting resume for Ray Johnny Study American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Pasadena California USA 1974 - 1975 David Ralph associated with the Group Repertory Theater North Hollywood, California USA 1975 - 1978 Ray Cole member of Will Geers acting group at the Loft-East Coast Also faculty member of the American Academy of Dramatic Art. Pasadena, California 1976 - 1978 Francois Franco - Professional performance artist and musician 1978 - 1984 Clifford Henderson - Actors Theater Santa Cruz Calif. 1992 - 1993 Ralph Peduto on camera study-2002-2004 Experience Stage: The Boom Boom Room - Group Repertory Theater, Director Lonny Chapman Performance artist So Calif. USA and Canada 1978 - Present Poetry, storytelling, song, creating thought. instruments: native american flute, guitar, gong, piano. Mountain Comm Theater A Flea in Her Ear-Ravvi Annie Get Your Gun - Chief Sitting Bull Look at Me Now - Masilo Children's Theater - Actor Theater, Santa Cruz 1995 - 1996 Film Film Industrial training education Tri Modal Ent. Actor Producer Editor "Look at Me Now" 1995-Indie Full length "Isabelle"-Galaxie Studios,Toronto-2003 Short films "Ron Kaplan" Ron Kaplan Production Public Access "Billy Fist"-Galaxie Studios,Toronto-2004 "Jonas"-Galaxie Studios,Toronto-2004 Ray is available to travel & relocate. Please contact Ray Johnny at : (831-345-1774) (416-203-8061) e-mail: walkingdream@hotmail.com Website: www.walkingdream.com Send correspondence to Ray Johnny PO Box 45 Winchester Oregon, 97495

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