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Union Certified Master Hypnotist 1975-present Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 1976-present Workshop, Seminar Leader for Visualization and Imagery techniques 1975-present  Producer  and creator of audio-visual programs for pre and post surgical patients in hospitals 1981-1985.

Producer and creator of motivational, self help, self hypnosis audio programs.

Workshop lecturer, teacher for the use of onal sound and music, and sound vibration as a meditative technique 1981-present.

Lecturer and teacher in the use of hypnosis 1976-present.

Guest speaker for Respiratory rehabilitation programs in the use of imagery and self hypnosis including Cedars of Sinai Med Center, Los Angeles.

Teacher of hypnosis in helping athletes improve performance and training techniques.

Facilitator-lecturer for Stress management classes for Physicians, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Physicians, Social Workers, Public Places of employment.

Community Hospital of San Gabriel- Respiratory Therapist 1972-1974 Position:  Respiratory Therapist.

Santa Monica Hospital Medical Center-1974-1984 Position:  Respiratory Therapist Program director in the use of Hypnosis in patient care. Program director in the use of Imagery-Visualization techniques in patient care. In house consultant in pain management of Ventilator patients using hypnosis, sound vibration, and music.

Specialist in work with release of anxiety and fear in spinal cord injury patients (involving paralysis) using hypnosis, music and sound vibration.

Creator and director of audio-visual patient and staff teaching programs Santa Monica Lung Center.

Private Practice with Dr. George La Brot 1984-1986.

- In house consultant for sleep disturbances in patients.

- Program director in stop smoking program.

- Practitioner in use of Visualization techniques with patients.

- Practitioner of Hypnosis with patients.

Performing Arts Poet Musician - guitar and vibrational instruments. Writer of lyrics and songs. Performer - vocals and vibrational instruments. Writer/Playwrite. Director of theater. Performance artist in improvisational sound for entertainment. Actor for Stage and Film.

Experience in recording studios - editing and mixing.

Ray Johnny can be reached at 6066 Hillside Dr Felton, Cal. 95018 408 e-mail is walkingdream@hotmail.com cell ph: 831-345-1774

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