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Springing up from our subconscious mind a truly miraculous experience takes place. This experience is what we call dreaming. A natural part of our physical emotional being, dreaming is a wonderful spontaneous experience. Each dream is unique and individualized. Made to order. Dreams originate in a part of our mind called the subconscious. The subconscious is also called the "feeling mind" the "emotional mind", and the seat of all memory. Therefore the dreams that you have come from a place within you. Dreams create the words and pictures associated with feelings. Your feelings. How you feel. The subconscious mind. The feeling mind creates a feeling, a vivid emotionalized picture that we call dreams.

Most people actually see a picture, life like and feeling real. Some of us dream in living color, others in black and white. Some of us dream more vividly than others. There are those who say they rarely, or sometimes never dream. While some people look forward to their to their dreaming and sleep time, others may try to avoid dreaming because of powerful feelings they are left with upon waking. Dreaming is a emotionalized feeling experience. Take a moment and think of all the emotionalized dreams that occur in a 24 hour period.

Now visualize all the emotionalized energy of thought occurring throughout the world.

The simple truth is we all dream. All of us.

Why are dreams important?

"Dreaming is a way for our mind and body to talk to us. Our intuition comes from our subconscious. Intuitive information, answers, and observations of how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to the world around us often reveals itself to us in our dreams. Dreams have a healing quality to them, helping us to gently make ourselves whole. Dreaming allows us to see ourselves doing anything in the world or the universe that we wish or desire. Without limitation. Nothing is impossible. We can even fly. Thru dreams our body and mind release excess tension and anxiety. Dreams help us to realize and be accepting of our natural talents and gifts."

Are there different types of dreams?

"There are endless possibilities of what we dream. But there are some types of dreaming that we recognize universally. Re occurring dreams, wish fulfillment dreams, the "nightmare", lucid dreams, intuitive dreams, and sexual dreams. The subjects and possible scenarios are infinite. In our dreams we can feel emotion, sensations, and thoughts. We experience joy, anger, love, fear, strength, power, weakness, confidence, doubt. All of these feelings are moving around within us. Our subconscious mind via the dream world is communicating these feelings to us."

Why is it hard for me to understand my dreams?

"Dreams are based in emotion and feeling. Often people try "intellectualize" their dreams, consciously (critically) observing what their dream content was and then intellectually interpreting it. This intellectual process is often ineffective leaving the dreamer feeling confused and unsure as to what their dream represents. Why? Because you are dealing with a feeling emotional part of your self. Initially intellect only restricts and minimizes your understanding of your dreams. Dreams often come in abstract forms sometimes revealing their messages thru multiple images some of which may be animate and inanimate characters and objects."

How can I be better able to understand what my dreams represent?

"Because of the emotional origin of dreams, it is better to observe them in a way that minimizes conscious effort. One way to do this is to learn how to revisit or rewalk your dream. By doing this you can observe your dream and the feelings associated with the dream from more than one place of observation. Different viewpoints and thoughts reveal themselves to you. By becoming one or more of the characters (animate or inanimate) in your dream you gain different perspectives of your dream. This often is a incredibly profound and healing interaction. Some of the techniques and approaches that enhance this type of observation of your dreams are . . .

- Hypno dream analysis

- Gestalt dream work

- Dream enhancement exercises

- Self hypnosis

- Meditation

- An understanding of subconscious language

- Revisiting or rewalking your dream with a neutral observer who has experience in Hypno-Gestalt dream work.

Why would I want to "understand" what I dream?

"Not all dreams demand conscious understanding of what the content represents. Often dreams are nothing more than a fun and safe way for our body and mind to rest and rejuvenate itself. But there are times that people want to know what their dreams are saying, especially with a reoccurring dream or nightmare. Perhaps the dreamer wants to create a dream that enhances and or encourages a self set goal or ³dream². By dreaming ourselves doing the things in life that we desire our whole psychic, emotional, intellectual, and physical being begins to move in the direction we created in our mind, in our dreams. What could be more wonderful? Our dreams can also help make us aware of possible blocks or resistance (conflict) that might be preventing us from realizing our full potential".

Perhaps we have a question about our feelings and the reactions we have to life, and we want to see what our intuition has to say. Because dreaming is often a intuitive response to how we are feeling, dream walking and hypno dream analysis is a perfect vehicle for tapping into our intuitive process.

Because of Rays vast background in the field of hypnosis, and Hypno-Gestalt dream work he can teach you a technique of dream analysis and interpretation that you will enjoy using. Techniques that work.

Ray also is available to work with individuals on specific needs related to dream analysis and understanding. Ray has conducted both group seminars and workshops that are fun and enlightening, helping individuals to recognize the valuable gifts of understanding, soulful understanding, of our feelings and talents that our dreams offer us. With over 28 years as an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, Ray will help you revisit and rewalk your dreams in a way that brings clarity and understanding to you, leaving you feeling safe and confident. In an individual or group setting the experience provides everyone with a deeper or profound understanding of themselves in relation to their world.

Hypnodream analysis: Using hypnotic techniques to bypass the conscious critical part of the mind allowing a person to revisit or rewalk their dream. Since our dreams originate in our subconscious mind this creates a direct Path to the source of the feelings and emotions attached to the dream.

Gestalt dream work: A method that is being embraced by more and more professional and lay people as a amazingly effective tool in creating dialogue and conflict resolution on a subconscious level. Gestalt dialogue empowers the dreamer and stimulates a conscious adult understanding of our feelings in relation to ourselves, to others, and the world. Sometimes Gestalt interaction is used by itself or in conjunction with hypnotherapy, and or hypno dream analysis. Gestalt creates a "whole" picture of how we respond to life.

Subconscious language: The subconscious responds to words in a literal manner only. It has no ability to know the intent of the person speaking the word. There are ways of speaking to the subconscious that will illicit an immediate and powerful response. One example of this is that the sub-conscious responds to words that are imaginative and exciting. Not intellectual sounding words and sentences.

Rewalking your dream: This occurs when we have a dream that we want to experience again. Sort of a replay of a dream we have already had. But when the dream is revisited we can observe the dream from one or more different perspectives or as one or more of the different characters in the dream. We can also change some aspect of the dream if we desire to. Or we can create our own dream to stimulate a movement or change in our life.

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